Attend Office Optional from Anywhere in the World

We know a few things about livestreaming conferences. Indeed, Office Optional is brought to you by the team that hosts The Lean Startup Conference, an annual in-person event that also draws thousands of viewers via livestream. Over the years, based on attendee feedback, we’ve fine-tuned the livestream experience, improving the way we shoot the video, the software we use, the tech-support we provide viewers, the onscreen chat we moderate during the event, the Q&A participation we offer and more.

Now we’re applying those lessons to Office Optional, our new conference, and offering livestream tickets. We’re also stepping up our game and, for the first time, including in the ticket package a bundle of all the Office Optional videos, shared with you shortly after the live event.

We started selling livestream tickets about two weeks ago, and we’ve been surprised by the results: Twice as many people have registered for the livestream at this point as we’d expected. Now, obviously, remote viewing and the focus of Office Optional–remote work–are a good fit. But we’re still pleased to see so many attendees working with us to push out the boundaries of in-person events and participate from around the world.

By “participate,” we mean that you get to:

1) Engage in all of our Q&As. The speakers run consecutively, so you can see all of them, and every block of speakers is followed by a joint Q&A. We field questions via an online form–even for attendees in the room–so you have a full opportunity to ask questions.
2) Hang out with other livestream attendees in our special moderated chat. Michele Kimble, our stellar social-media coordinator, spends the day in a dedicated chat session with all of the livestreamers. You not only meet other remote attendees, but you also have Michele on hand to answer questions, make sure you have all the key info and troubleshoot any problems.
3) Connect with other attendees via our conference social network. We have a dedicated social networking app for the event, which livestreamers and in-person attendees alike can use to connect with any conference participant.
4) Share the Twitter love. We’re big on Twitter, and we’ll look to retweet and reply to attendees there.

We hope you’ll join us as we continually improve our livestream experience and look to attendees for even more ideas about how we can make it better. Register today!

PS. An open secret: We’ve set up the livestream ticket so that you pay per screen, not per seat. If you have a group of people watching together, you pay for just one registration. If you’re cash-strapped, consider gathering a small crew and splitting the cost.

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